Community series 1

Have Dot given a date yet for the start of the parachain auctions?

What is the consensus algorythm for Litentry, where can I find the documentation on that?

Can LIT be staked?

How does one get their identify confirmed?

Does Litentry connect to other blockchains or is the ID for apps devleoped on it, and is there a list of the blockchains it connects to?

What is the biggest edge Litentry has?

Hi, guy’s, is it possible to put lit on metamask? Thank’s and how?

Hi illiya, sure, LIT toke currently is an erc20 token, you can put it on Metamask. If you can not find it on Metamask, you can add the token manually. As shown in the figure, just put the LIT contract address(0xb59490ab09a0f526cc7305822ac65f2ab12f9723) in the Token Contract Address, then you can find it.