Litentry Partners with My Neighbor Alice to Improve NFT Collection Experience

Getting hyped for our new friend My Neighbor Alice! It’s a multiplayer builder game where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends.


To provide a seamless NFT collection experience, Alice is exploring ways to integrate Litentry’s DID & NFT tools into the game. With Litentry, Alice Players will be able to link Twitter accounts with NFTs, socialize with friends, and view NFT collections on a front-end application.

Together, the two teams will discuss and look for solutions for identifying ID and filter out unwanted users such as spambots. They will explore possibilities in indexing players’ identity data to Litentry’s identity aggregation protocol. The identity data can be used to feed the credit computation model in an effort to provide a more accurate representation of user identity.

Reputation Computation & User Acquisition

Alice is further exploring to adopt Litentry’s credit-computation system in analyzing a player’s reputation, where good landowners gain increasing benefits; Alongside that, Alice will leverage Litentry’s credit system to engage existing users from other platforms to join the game with a signup bonus. For example, for players who have actively enrolled in CryptoKitties or other crypto games, Alice could provide them a signup bonus package to buy NFTs in the Alice World.

Litentry will integrate Alice’s reputation mechanism into its DID algorithm pool, in order to further facilitate diversity and transparency in credit computation.

Litentry themed NFTs

Alice plans to introduce Litentry themed NFTs in the game, including makeup, clothes for the avatar. Users may stake $LIT or $Alice tokens to claim these themed NFTs. For players who link their Litentry’s DIDs in the game, Alice provides them a good discount for the Litentry themed NFTs.

About My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder-game where players build their own virtual lands, interact with neighbors, perform exciting daily activities and earn rewards. Players can design and decorate their lands with different in-game items, or NFTs. These are represented as plants, flowers, trees, buildings or animals, among other things. They also get to experiment with the landscape and use innovative in-game tools, such as an NFT Creator and a Game Builder to make their game experience as unique and special as they want.

My Neighbor Alice includes an in-game marketplace where players can buy and sell different game items and NFTs, avatars which allow them to personalize their game characters, an on-chain forum where players get to meet each other and a progressive reputation system which motivates players to upgrade their status in order to get access to exclusive events and NFTs.

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About Litentry

Litentry is a cross-chain identity aggregation protocol that features a Substrate-built network, mobile app and identity-related tools. The protocol enables identity linking across different networks and facilitates decentralization and transparency in identity credit computation. Litentry provides a secure vehicle through which users manage their identities and dApps obtain real-time credit/reputation of an identity owner across different blockchains.

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