Hi all, I’m called Peter. I’m from LA, been in Film & tv for many years but many start ups too. I had a small tech hedge fund late 90’s that I did very well with. I see the explosion of bchain and crypto as truly the next explosive game changing cycle.

I only hunt for great tech in this space and love the potential ubiquitious potential for Litentry. Your partnerships to date - and the big three over the past 7 days are telling for the near term future for the project. But there is a caveat to this praise, and something Guy’s coin bureau videos touched - the tokenomics. I just left this post in the Lit price group, I think it makes the case.

Peter Brown, [14.04.21 11:38]
I appreciate the confidence above, and also some telling charts, but the real point is with the great deal flow/news releases now hitting consistently, getting close to Kusama slot auctions which LIT for many reasons is super well primed for the coin shouldn’t be experiencing a massive daily range as it is/has been. It needs to tighten or at any point with a market event it will massively sell off only because of supply.

Peter Brown, [14.04.21 11:40]
I don’t understand why there wasn’t easy uqbiquitious staking setup from the start of the token release. This is a main reason why DOT has a 40B, B! valuation when nothing really has occurred yet. It’s a big miss, and not available till Q3 will keep pro traders shorting/manipualting the daily trade throughout the next quarter unless the tokenomics are adjusted. With everything else going well with the business one can only :pray:t5:

Peter Brown, [14.04.21 11:42]
REN v RUNE is such a great example. Track them both from October till now. Look at how RUNE has appreciated v REN - both outstanding companies, great tech - but RUNE’s MC is 25% of REN’s (or thereabouts) and has appreciated 8-9X more.

Peter Brown, [14.04.21 11:42]
LIT could 3X ina couple of months or 10X. Up to management. It’s in their hands.

And full disclosure I hold a sizeable position from 3.5 & 7.2 So I’m fully behind the project ;-- )

unfortunately this was prescient “It needs to tighten or at any point with a market event it will massively sell off only because of supply.” Would be nice to get a response to my thoughts, they were written with the best intentions for the project and community. Cheers

example 1000 of what I am suggesting:

I’m sure your team all admire their awesome tech, good folks, transparent and interested in the crypto/decentralised movement