Hi to Litentry group. I have a stupid problém. Today 14.3.2021 I sent 9,4 Uniswap into bad address of Lit. See picture. I want ask you to send back.

My address is



Hi Tomas, Sorry for the problem you meet. I just confirmed with our CTO, we do not have specific function to claim the token out of contract. You can confirm what we said with the contract code here: Litentry: LIT Token | 0xb59490ab09a0f526cc7305822ac65f2ab12f9723.

Sorry but I do not understand your answer (link to contract code - it is Spanish village for me).

I only want ask you send back my 9,4 Uniswap. Pls ensure that or provide to me the email or phone nr. to someone who is responsible for this.

Comunication via this chanel is not effective.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Tomas, The address 0xb59490ab09a0f526cc7305822ac65f2ab12f9723 where you send Uni token is a contract address. Our team doesn’t specific function to claim the token out of the contract, which means we are not able to transfer any token in the contract include the Uni token. Every token send to this contract address(0xb59490ab09a0f526cc7305822ac65f2ab12f9723) will be locked, and will never get back. If you still have any confusion, please contact info@litentry.com

Hi, no one comunicate to me. No response. What a fucking team is Litentry Group. Please sent me email to someone responsible person. Tomas

Hi Tomas, as previously said, the Uni token is locked in the contract(0xb59490ab09a0f526cc7305822ac65f2ab12f9723), Litentry team CAN NOT access those token as well. We are not able to transfer the token back to you.

Who have an access into this contract or who is able to transfer the tokens from locked contract?

Hi Tomas, As previously said, Our team doesn’t specific function to claim the token out of the contract, which means No ONE can access those token in the contract. You can check the contract code to ensure we are telling the truth. Litentry: LIT Token | 0xb59490ab09a0f526cc7305822ac65f2ab12f9723