Wallet support for Litentry token LIT

Imtoken(https://token.im/) and Mathwallet(https://mathwallet.org/) have supported the Litentry token LIT. Users can download these two wallets from Apple Store or Google Play.

The hardware wallet ledger also supports Erc 20 token, users can store their LIT token in the ledger Ethereum address. But currently, ledger live does not support LIT token. Ledger users need to use third-party software such as Metamask or Myetherwallet to transfer the LIT token.

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Hi, I was wondering about polkadot.js.org extension wallet, can I store there? I already have accounts made up for Lit.

Hi, the LIT token is an erc20 token based on Ethereum. Polkadot.js.org is a Polkadot wallet. You can not send an erc20 token to Polkadot wallet. Please use a hardware wallet like Ledger or Imtoken and Mathwallet to store your LIT token.

Thanks, for the quick reply. I am following Litentry as best I can, being new to all this.