Why we aren't Mainnet yet?

We have received some questions regarding the Mainnet Launch because it is written to be launched in Q2 according to our roadmap. I’d like to answer the question and share the current progress of mainnet here.

First of all the progress is good, but the mainnet deployment will be postponed a bit. There are two main reasons:

1. TEE privacy protection feature is added to the framework
In order to protect user privacy in identity computation, we introduce the TEE Sidechain module to the Litentry Identity Aggregation architecture. It is a trusted execution environment customized for identity computation, like a highly private security space, in which user data cannot be viewed, accessed, or altered by operating nodes and any third parties.
We have been cooperating with the SbustraTEE team to develop this feature since June and the implementation takes around 2 months.
Privacy protection is very important in the vision of Litentry, it safeguards the data in aggregated identities and leaves users a safe environment in identity aggregation.

2. The best timing for launching mainnet is when we win a parachain slot
Since the Kusama parachain slot auction has started, we will be able to smoothly connect the Litentry Runtime with the Kusama Blockchain. According to the development progress, we are likely to bid for one of the slots in the 6-8th slot of the Kusama parachain auction. After the slot is ready, we will be deploying the main features of our protocol and when we finish testing and we will have a mainnet launch. If Polkadot is ready for parachain by the time we finish development, we will directly switch to Polkadot for launching. More details of our parachain auction strategy can be found here.

We believe it’s always good to have improvements for the Litentry project. Plans may not be up to date, but good communications and consensus are very important.


Thanks, this answers many questions :slightly_smiling_face: